president of the united states in 2005.
Liar, dog fucker, too coked out to fly national guard jet, cocky without a working cock, and a future meal for voodoo canabals.
G Bitch is doing it again.
What else new?
by BigLion April 21, 2005
Top Definition
a gangsta's bitch or a gurl thats a gangsta.a gurl not to be messed with
'yo dont fuk wi that gurl she a g bitch'
by G*biatch June 01, 2005
When Google employees bitch and complain about having their perks removed.
"This G1 is the shittiest holiday bonus ever."
"Stop your GBitching."
by zeromhz February 27, 2009
a person who lacks intelligence and can not tell time very well. Usually from mimico Ontario.

Also a biggity bitch who gets shown up by girls when it comes to drinking.
Gbitch is so dumb, he can't even set his clock right idiot.
by pimpski45 December 28, 2007
A woman from a Ghetto with little money or selfesteem which will do anything for $10
"I will give you $10 G bitch to scream at my ass really loudly"
by Jordan59000 November 28, 2006
A guy that is a pussy ass bitch. He thinks he is above everyone else. Has meltdowns when things doesn't go his way. A beer snob that loves hogging beer.
Gbitch is a having a meltdown because his beer photo didn't get recognize from the beer shop. It's cute when beer snobs have random meltdown... oh that gbitch is at it again.
by humponthis April 17, 2015
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