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An accronym for friends without benefits, opposite of fweebs.

Used for people who are actually just friends and not using each other for sex.
Guy: You guys are fweebs right?
Girl: No, just friends.
Guy: So fwobs?
by Jozytalksalot February 15, 2011
Acronym for Fornicating Whore of Babylon. A biblical reference for a really slutty girl.
Guy 1: Dude check out your girlfriend, she's all over that guy.

Guy 2: what a fwob...
by chomas September 05, 2007
Acronym for Friends with Online Benefits. It's like Friends with Benefits, but pussier.
by Supuhstar September 24, 2010
Literally "friends without benefits"; a completely platonic friendship.
Cindy: "Are you and Jake hooking up? You spend a lot of time together."

Tammy: "Nope. It's completely platonic. We're fwob."
by jdebate February 18, 2010