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An accronym for friends without benefits, opposite of fweebs.

Used for people who are actually just friends and not using each other for sex.
Guy: You guys are fweebs right?
Girl: No, just friends.
Guy: So fwobs?
by Jozytalksalot February 15, 2011
What might have been an anniversary had the relationship worked out, but it didn't and you either want to seem cool about it or bitchy. Either way works depending how you use it.
(after breaking up)
Kate: you know what today is right?
Nick: uhh....
Kate: the day we started dating silly!
Nick: right, which we aren't anymore...
Kate: yeah....
Nick: happy noniversary?
Kate: awhhh <3 i regifted the bear you got me by the way.
by Jozytalksalot February 13, 2011
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