Literally "friends without benefits"; a completely platonic friendship.
Cindy: "Are you and Jake hooking up? You spend a lot of time together."

Tammy: "Nope. It's completely platonic. We're fwob."
by jdebate February 18, 2010
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Acronym for Fornicating Whore of Babylon. A biblical reference for a really slutty girl.
Guy 1: Dude check out your girlfriend, she's all over that guy.

Guy 2: what a fwob...
by chomas September 05, 2007
Acronym for Friends with Online Benefits. It's like Friends with Benefits, but pussier.
by Supuhstar September 24, 2010
An accronym for friends without benefits, opposite of fweebs.

Used for people who are actually just friends and not using each other for sex.
Guy: You guys are fweebs right?
Girl: No, just friends.
Guy: So fwobs?
by Jozytalksalot February 15, 2011

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