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its the fucks wit llamas club. it is the acronam for the anal sex with llamas club. they wear terquoise ans orange striped bracelettes. they very litterally have coats with an animated stick figure mounting a llama. most members are teenaged to mid twenties young men.
hey nice fwl shirt! are you going to the meeting tonight?
who would miss this weeks fwl club get together? i heard timmy is bringing a new llama to fuck.
by showforblowww December 15, 2010
Farting while laughing.
Cara: Yo Jordan, whats up? Jordan: Some guy, a black guy, tried to buttfuck me, so I got scared and left. Cara: FWLFWLFWLFWL
by riosownsu October 03, 2010
Fantasy Wiffle Ball, a league where you draft wiffle ball players and pretend to be them for fun and to make fun of people while your doing it.
Hey Kyle wanna play FWL later?
by Ryan Smelly August 07, 2007

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