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1. Of or pertaining to any derogatory aspersion usually hurled from one player to the other in, or pertaining to, a game of Counter-Strike. I.E. 'You just got pwn3d j00 b!7ch!! Fwice!' Other such words include: Foalf!, Doowahl!, ETI!, BWALST!, HASSIAH!, and/or any variation thereof.
2. Of or pertaining to Donner's mother. 'Yo I hit that fwice seven times last night!!'
Pwnt j0r c0tch! Fwice!
by Bull January 24, 2004
A shortened and abbreviated insult that was originally "Fuck you Twice" but was later revised to "FWICE!"
"Hey asshole! FWICE!"
by !Scippy January 20, 2004
The first sympton of the severely painful STD known as donneria.
Ex: After a long night of dumplings and rough sex, Jane woke up to excruciating fwice on her genitals.
by Hawk April 07, 2004
The sound that a sword makes when you hit someone in the face.

"Ow dude....That shit hurt"
by Joe Mack January 20, 2004
the art of a male taking a large rat into the anal region from a male partner
everyone left the party when scippy and kevin 'the pimp' donner started one of their fwice sessions - scippy brought the rats, donner bent over
by LORD OF THE FWICE January 20, 2004
1) A type of fish only found in artic waters. Often known to attack fisherman.

2) A person with one testical.

3) Any sound made when fallling from over 30 stories.
1) That fwice just jumped out of the water and killed Ishmial!

2) After jimmy dropped the block on himself, he was a fwice.

3) what did he say on the way down? I don't know, sounded like fwice.
by NoahG January 20, 2004
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