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fweed- noun- 1. the stuff at the headshop that gets you through probation. Fake weed.

2. A substance that produces similar effects to smoking weed.
Ever since Al's been on papers he's just been smokin that fweed.
by Fweed head June 30, 2010
Some substance besides marijuana, that is made to look like it, and sold as it.
Shit, we just bought some fweed.
by Ireallydontknowwhoiam May 19, 2007
The contraction of fucking weed. The apostrophe replaces "ucking"
Hey where did you put the f'weed, man?
by J Kath G May 15, 2006
(Verb) Going to the Fireweed movie theater, usually to play Dance Dance Revolution.
"Hey, are you going fweed?"

by Onii August 14, 2004
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