As in getting a fuzzy. It is the act of receiving a blowjob while driving and fingering the girl at the same time. It takes a lot of coordination and concentration to accomplish without wrecking.
D00d that girl gave me a fuzzy last night.
by Mitchblaise December 14, 2007
A term of endearment between loved ones, said mostly when saying good-bye or when someone does something nice for you.
Okay, I'll talk to you later, I love you, you're fuzzy! OR That was very fuzzy of you to lend me your car!
by Er-10 Cricket August 17, 2006
A truly great and wonderful animal. In most cases, it is a large, four-legged mammal of the equus family
what a cute fuzzy!

(also: What a cute horsie!)
by Pat February 26, 2004
slang term for a police officer or any improperly motivated authority figure
that fuzzy pulled me over for doing 120km/h in that 100knm/h zone, hes more interested in getting money than chasing burglars after all - its them fuzzys that have a 5 ticket minimum quota per hour.
by Brother Number One October 04, 2005
The most beautiful and talented girl in the world. There is nothing better than hanging out with the gorgeous fuzzy. Bestest of best friends with bakon and loved more than life itself by puggy
Fuzzy is Bakon's Fuzzy-Lumpkinage.
by KoЯn FЯeak August 29, 2004
A person who accepts furs
Um.... ya good for you man.
by Vorgto December 30, 2003
A synonym for the word cool; a word meaning awesome or fun.
Me: Yo, man! That scooter is fuzzy!

Person: Thanks, dude!
by Julian Alvarez January 03, 2004

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