when you have bought a pre-owned video game only to recieve a scratshed disk that ends up overheating your system, blowing it to pieces, burning your house down and finally leaving you homeless. Cos the staff at eb games cant be bothered to check the damn disks before they sell them so you buy a scratched disk that dont work for $10 just to save some paper . REMEBER KIDS PREOWNED SUCKS.
"have you played the new GTA yet"
"sort of, couldn't afford the full $40 so I bought it preowned, hit me in the face though I got fuzzed"
"Dont worry dude mi casa e su casa"
by snakeeyes July 29, 2006
Top Definition
To feel real good...you feel like you're high but you can still move around and you forget stuff alot.
Brit- Are we fuzzed?

me- yeah dude.......we're fuzzed...i can't remember my last name.
by Metalx6 August 01, 2007
A mix between being buzzed and f**ked up
Man... Those beers got me fuzzed.
by klogs19 April 17, 2014
To have the Buzz Fuct right out of you.. Drunk to Sober. When the sex you have just had was either so good or bad that you completely lost your buzz.
Why yes officer I did have 2 cosmos, But no worries, I was fuzzed right before I left.
by TheJon18880 March 01, 2011
to be faded and buzzed at the same time

(faded) to be high
(buzzed) a lightly drunk feeling

Lets get fuzzed tonight.
by Trevib December 03, 2007
To be fucked so hard you lose your buzz.
Kara: How was last night?

Amy: It was great! I was SOOO drunk until I hooked up with Jon--he totally FUZZED me!
by Loves to be fuzzed March 10, 2011
having a buzz or feelin really good
"woooo feelin real fuzzed"
by NAAACKK February 08, 2005
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