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dinner, informally.
Wanna come over for dins? I'm makin' ribs.
#food #dinner #supper #nom #noms
by cruller January 26, 2013
Something that develops on a food object that has been left out for around 1-2 weeks
Dude, get rid of that sandwich! Give it a shave! Get it a barber! JUST DO SOMETHING! It's got more fuzz than... umm...
by Cruller March 15, 2003
A meal replacement bar that, judging by the taste, is made from a little piece of the place that takes the same name.
What is that?! it tastes like dirt and vitamins!

it's my new zanzi-BAR! get it lol it has BAR in the name because it's a BAR!!
by Cruller May 27, 2005
A Canadian patrol frigate based in CFB Esquimalt. Named after a kickass city, she is the only ship in the Canadian navy whose crew uniform varies from the regular uniform- the standard white cap is replaced with a white Stetson.
Steve: Yo dave, I'm on calgary.
Dave: Sup steve, I'm in calgary.
Steve: but I'm in the middle of the pacific ocean kthxbye
by Cruller May 27, 2005
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