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The girl's name Bessy is "God's promise; God is my oath". She is also beautiful and sexy. Quiet and incredibly intelligent. She has a great sense of humor but speaks her mind. Some people consider her mean, some just consider her honest. She won't allow anyone to step over her. She will never try to play mind games. She means what she says and says what she means.
Damn, Bessy is one of a kind!
by Damitri_1987 December 10, 2010
in simple terms, its just saying Best Friend, just quicker to say and much easier, can have other spellings, Bessy, Bessies
I'd like you to meet the guys, these guys are my bessies!
by Drewdan August 17, 2006
A beautiful and definatley awesome messy bun in a persons hair. It automatically makes them become attractive. Best worn high up on their head.
Dayum, Mary-Kate rocks the bessy better than Ashley!
by stephloveszoexx April 18, 2011
A popular name for a cow and/or bull who thinks he is a cow. Also can be a name commonly given to a vehicle.
Whooaaaa Bessy!!
by freddy penny March 07, 2009
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