Two people fucking in the asshole until brown shit appears on the end. This will hurt as the male ravages the other male.
Mike did you fux mark? Ya his shit was all over the place!
#fux #ravages #dan #dionis #hurt
by Dan Dionis April 23, 2010
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To mess around with or play with. To check it out or try it out.
Have you fux around with that website?
Yeah, I'll fux with that and see what happens.
by Mark D' July 19, 2005
Short of 'fuck' Great for censored chatrooms.

What the fux is your problem?
You're out of luck? I guess you're fuxed.
by AquaFina April 18, 2003
A wild card. To the untrained fuxer, it seems to mean a shortened form of the word "fuck" or "fucks". But to the trained fuxer, the word fux, can fux anything. It is truly a fux card and you can fux anything with it.
i'm going to fux you
i like to fux
i climbed a fux
i am a fux
i made a fux
i am fuxanese
#fux #fuck #fucks #shit #cock #ass
by Fuxer G August 30, 2008
(Programming) The opposite of fix, or to inadvertently break code while attempting to fix it or something related to it.
"What happened to the menu?"

"I fuxed it."
#break #fuck #fail #code fail #suck #ruin
by UrbanDEV March 03, 2009
Quite literally, fucks but used in an exclamation.
Oh Fux!
That's Fux'd.
#fuck #fucks #fuxor #fuxx #fuxed
by Ashent May 10, 2006
for hardcore kids that want to sound ultimately rebellious but will also carry a uniquely flamboyant way of expressing themselves in the most hardcore way possible. also, they're too lazy to type that extra letter since effiency is all we strive for in the modern information era of today.
1. fux you bitch.
2. i dont give a fux bout u.
3. no fuxin way.
#fuck #fux #fuckin' #fukc #fkuc
by inspy! January 02, 2010
A less vulgar way to say "fuck"
Fux you!
You dumb fuxxors!
#fuxxed #fuxxor #fuxing #motherfuxxor #fux0r
by NF14 June 05, 2006
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