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An Internet forum utilised by insecure teenagers looking for advice on their relationship problems.
"I really like my girlfriend, but I'm becoming more and more attracted to her dog. I think I'll post on futuremark because the guys on there will be really interested and helpful"

"futuremark is the internet's number one agony aunt"
by Reejoc March 30, 2004
1) A company that makes benchmarks to measure the performance of computers.

2) A place for people to complain about people who debate hardware while blowing the situation out of proportion; a place for people to talk about the good ol' days.
1) 3DMark, PCMark

2) "This place is filled with fanboys that argue about what hardware is best."

"In the good ol' days there was no debates, we just agreed with what the first guy said."
by theshooter May 27, 2003
A place where there are people too addicted to the forums more than their hardware. :p
"OMG futuremark's down! WE'RE ALL DOOMED!!! NOoooOOoooOoooooooo"
by Tsk February 24, 2004
Best computer forum ever
Go to futuremark now
by adf January 24, 2004
an act of asking graphics-related question on an online forum.
I want to futuremark my Radeon.
by Wesley May 27, 2003
A defininition of sever slowness or an example of people tripping over wires.
These servers suck!

Worm did it again!!
by howesey November 13, 2003
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