A word in the used in New England region mostly meaning
This could apply to any number of activities or circumstances
Usually the word is said alone in a loud voice without any other add-ons.
After making a last minute shot in a basketball game...

After making the subway right before the doors close...
#clutch #in the clutch #futon #last second #just in time
by Franklin Tillfield III March 01, 2008
A nasty contraption, perceivably made of concrete. Impossible to fold without losing at least a few fingers if not an entire limb. It is the bed of the devil.
Last night I slept on my mate's futon, now I feel like I've kicked to death by a mob.
#devil #concrete #evil #bed #futton
by evilmango April 12, 2006
n., Japanese word meaning 'sore back'.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh futon hurt back."
#bad back #sore #lying #hurts #fiton
by lotus.tear May 12, 2007
A piece of furnature that two lovers lay on and make sweet sweet love while all of their other friends are in the other room doing proper things.
Josh and Darlene are back there on the futon doing immoral things.
by Josh March 26, 2003
fu-ton. v. to take an attractive member of the opposite sex to one's futon for sexual purposes.
I think I'm finally going to futon this guy I've been seeing, tonight!
by Caro July 19, 2004
A futon is actually a japanese bed-type thing, a kind of mat that u must roll up after sleeping and store away. the futons that all the above people are talking about are cheap Western imitations, Americanising japanese culture yet again.
Japanese person: I think i will roll out my futon, i am rather tired
Stupid American: I always jam my fingers when i try to roll those things out
#futon #bed #matress #japanese #americanising
by Whakatane girl January 08, 2007
futon is my bestest best friend in the whole widest worldest she gets on my nerves sometimes but thats ok she is the most awsomeist awsome person in the world....The futon lives on!!!
she helps me with all of my problems!
by kiki April 06, 2005
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