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An "latino"actress who doesn't speak spanish and can't act and singer wannabe famous for having a puertorican average ass
Gigly its the best example
by Caro October 26, 2004
A young man who hides behind his hair, and bears a strange and very strong resemblance to a friend of mine.
Nikolai ran into the room dressed as a wizard, and hid in the corner.
by caro November 04, 2003
the act of being a chonga;
Those girls are all chongivity from head to toe.
by caro March 08, 2005
from Jaberwocky poem in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Thought to mean misty and whimsical.

not to be confused with mimsy - flirtatious girl or female genitalia!
"all mimsey were the borogroves"
by caro November 01, 2004
crazy sexy bitch ;)
"look @ that cayetana in those hot pants"
by caro May 19, 2004
A quick blow job
He begged her for a nubber in the parking lot
by caRo December 31, 2013
fu-ton. v. to take an attractive member of the opposite sex to one's futon for sexual purposes.
I think I'm finally going to futon this guy I've been seeing, tonight!
by Caro July 19, 2004
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