Fat Useless Sack of Shit
Hey Stephen you really are a fuss.
by Hotpocket, cleaveland that is August 21, 2009
acronymn for Fat, Ugly, Short, and Small Dick. An "AH" can also be added that stands for Annoying and Hairy, making the word FUSS AH.
"Bob is so FUSS, he has nothing going for him. He is fat, ugly, short, and has a small dick."
by dont wanna be a fuss January 10, 2007
To fart, pass gas, etc. Usually denoted when one of your friends backs up away from a crowd into a corner, only to return 30 seconds later as if nothing has happened.
1. "If you have to fuss, go outside. Don't do it in here!"
2. "I think someone just fussed. It smells like wet garbage in here now!"
by TWK May 16, 2007
arabic for a fart; a turd's air raid siren.
"effff.. shoo hadaaa? fusss? yeeeeee a3leik wa a3la draataak ya khara"
by cherry popper October 08, 2003

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