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The mixture between fat and muscle.

Used by people denying there fattitude.
I don't have fat, it's fuscle.
by Batost June 02, 2006
Untoned muscle. A combination of fat and muscle. Also known as fussle.
That fat dude has been lifting weights. He is not all fat, not all muscle. He has fuscle.
by slicksal November 19, 2006
Untone muscle. A blend of fat and muscle. fussle
The fat dude has been lifting weights...He is not all fat, not all he must be fuscle/fussle.
by slick sal June 06, 2005
A part of the body with strong muscle but is covered by a jiggly bit of fat
I look in the mirror at my stomach and see that I still don't have a six pack but have some fuscle to work on.
by montana79 March 02, 2014
1. a shape similar to a muscle formed out of a strange combination of muscle and fat.
See Fuscular
The guy from Coheed and Cambria has alot of fuscles.
by BruceT December 03, 2007
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