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Move something around a little, to pick at something. Usually in reference to something trivial
A cork that is nearly out of a wine bottle:

"just furtle around with it a bit, it'll come out."

A person picking a scab:

"don't furtle, you'll make it bleed."
#pick #scratch #ferret #move #jiggle
by noofus April 11, 2006
Usually a sex tourist in the SE Asian region
Look at that furtle with the Thai girl
#trafficker #lifter #pediphile #thailand #tourist
by Mookermania August 14, 2009
The act of being really slow, like a turtle, and can't remember what they just did, like a fish.

Hence, Furlte
Wow, that was so furtle. You just said you were going to watch tv, but you don't remember.
#forgetful #turtle #fish #stupid #slow
by kcider January 03, 2011
To cut a hole in a poster / picture / photo etc usually around the mouth or crotch, and proceed to perform lude acts involving your penis and/or toungue.
Wow, I got a Christina Aguilera poster and she's so hot!!!

*late that night, he cuts a hole in the poster furtles it*
by Six April 04, 2004
An English term form the 18th century.

To draw a picture of a woman and cut a hole for legs, and make legs with your fingers to make it look as if she is line dancing.
You can't furtle worth shit kyle! Your fingers are too hairy for a womans leg!
by Aaron October 09, 2004
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