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lady jizz
catherine: omg amanda that guys so hot
amanda: i know right? i think i just furgged my pants
catherine: dude me too.
by omgwhyyojeanssotight? August 05, 2011
An alternative, often comical, spelling of the word "fag".
Brooke: Matt's so far back in the closet he can see Narnia. What a furg!

Katie: Lolz I know right?
by BetchKiera September 04, 2010
Fricked Up Real Good
On St.Patricks Day I Was FURG.
by Rafa Murphy March 17, 2010
n. Front Row Gay, A fag that sits in the front row of a class and yells out all the wrong answers
Dude that guy up there is like totally a Furg.
Jarod Waters
by Chube waters June 21, 2007