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Two lesbians in a canoe.
While out kayaking on the Columbia, I saw some fur traders tip over and lose all their beaver traps.
by cabin boy December 26, 2009
A mildly derogatory name for a lesbian. These woman are usually easy to spot in a crowd.
I can't even talk to the tail at work because this fur trader keeps cock blocking me.
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
A synonym for lesbian
Dude, don't bother - She's a fur trader
by SomeBozo July 02, 2007
Two or more lesbian women sitting in a boat.
When I was fishing I saw a bunch of fur-traders on a boat.
by drgrunskin July 13, 2010
a woman who like to eat other girls
jill and bonnie are furtraders
by Takesha Adkins July 04, 2008
A kinky lesbian sixty-niner.
I.E Lizzy and Miranda
I chilled with the fur traders last night.
by zero April 14, 2003
I man who dumps a girl for another girl.
"Is that Steve in the back seat of Amanda's car? I thought he was giving it to Sarah these days? - I guess he traded fur!" He's a fur trader.
by Dutch Milkshake June 07, 2009