A group of girl friends that all have fupas!
Here comes the FUPA TROOPAS!
by Colleen H August 19, 2007
Top Definition
FUPA TROOPA (n.): 1.One who searches or looks for fupa(see fupa), either for fun, or professionally.

"John Doe searches for fupa, therefore, he must be a Fupa Troopa."
by Mark Steinman July 11, 2006
A pack of girls who all have fat-upper-pussy-areas. They all hang out together because who wants to be friends with a fupa troopa besides a fupa troopa.
Billy: why are the fupa troopas being so goddamn loud?

Pat: Because they have no friends and large front butts. They just want attention.
by bluntdog September 28, 2010
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