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Occurs after playing many hours of any gta game. The victim forgets that they are not playing gta and constantly thinks as if they are in the game. This includes thinking about which car you should take and what would be a sweet jump to go off of, getting frustrated because there aren't any missions on your gps, and trying to figure out why you cant get a damn prostitute anywhere.
Guy 1: Dude!!!!! Why the fu*k are you driving on the Sidewalk!?!

Guy 2: Oh my bad. I have GTA syndrome.
by bluntdog June 01, 2009
1. The sickest level in the Banjo-Kazooie video game on N64.
Guy1: Dude how do you get the tenth puzzle piece in Treasure Trove Cove?

Guy2: Dude you gotta kill the crab and go in his shell.

Guy1: Oh. I knew it. I tryed to kill that crab like 50 times!
by bluntdog June 01, 2009
A pack of girls who all have fat-upper-pussy-areas. They all hang out together because who wants to be friends with a fupa troopa besides a fupa troopa.
Billy: why are the fupa troopas being so goddamn loud?

Pat: Because they have no friends and large front butts. They just want attention.
by bluntdog September 28, 2010
When you bust a load in a chicks ass. She then farts the jizz into a shot glass and fucking drinks it.
1) This bitch was starving so I gave her a stinky pigeon.

2) Jim: Yo Devin did you give that chick the angry pirate.

Devin: No dude I dont fuck around. I gave her the stinky pigeon
by bluntdog September 28, 2010

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