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funto is an amazing person with a great up beat personality. she will always have a smile on her face and whenever funtos around you know the party's started. Everyone loves funto cause she's just that effing amazing. Dinosaurs wish they were funto. most people mistake her for crazy but that's only because the kid definitely knows how to live life.
person:"hey funto"


person:"hahahaha classic funto!"
DUDE your smiling so much you could almost be a funto!
by cheeseballchum January 16, 2013
Fun-to : Is slang for Tobacco leaves and is usually used in the Caribbean and Central America to roll ganja in for consumption.
Jack go buy funto at the vegetable lady, I just buy a draw, buddy.

Go buy the funto, fool!
by Bz.Ganja man October 17, 2011
Funto is a person
Funto is a faf
Funto is a brazilian
Funto sucks Donkey Dick
Funto is a dumbass
by Ghost- August 07, 2004
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