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A social network to find loose women in Arkansas who like to get funtled.
Cletus: Hi, I found that you on Funtle and was wondering if you wanted to hookup.
Earlene: I'm always DTF, come over and funtle me right now!
by mehmetsen June 14, 2011
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To fondle ones genitals, usually the testicles and scrotum, while tonguing the anus.
Lucy came over the other night, and I could not believe my luck when she got down on her knees and began to funtle me like a pro. I think she has a lot of experience from the Funtle social network. Her pussy looked like a roast beef sandwich. I think I'm gonna get myself tested now though because it burns whenever I drop a deuce.
by skank-a-holic July 11, 2011
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Something that one does to a cunt. Highly inappropriate in certain situations
man: I am going to funtle her cunt so hard.
by Bnfbnggbfg September 03, 2009
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funtle, driven from the word fun, is an online social interest-driven network project started in summer 2009 by two UALR Ph.D. students Fatih Shen and Mehmet Shen. It is considered as a platform where like-minded people are getting socialized around mutual interests.
by fatihsen January 08, 2011
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