The time spent cruzing a dumbass web site that Rod Ryan and the Morning Buzz crew mentioned. HODA
Mudda fucka, this iz a dam fuckin funtastic fucka right heya niga.
by Daniel L June 22, 2004
Top Definition
Something that is both fun, and fantastic
"WOW, this is funtastic"
by JimmyK September 12, 2003
Funtastic = something/someone really Fun or Fantastic Fun

Sucktastic = something/someone that really Sucks or Fantastic Sucks
1: You're Funtastic.
2: And you're Sucktastic!
by LordVampyr May 31, 2008
A sarcastic way of saying something was fun (or not fun).
Well that was a fucking funtastic day wasnt it bob.
by Lost_ickle_hippy October 17, 2003
when something is both fun and fantastic it is funtastic
bill: i just had sex
james: that sounds funtastic
bill: you bet it was!
by iDayZdx December 28, 2011
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