Funt is another word for cunt only spelt wrong.
Rachael, do you shave your funt?
by milly November 07, 2004
It is created from fun to create banners according to their own desire. They do not need to upload their images in their web space. These images are saved in our web directory and they can be accessed from there.
fun, fantastic, funta, funair, funny, fonn.
by asim jamil January 30, 2008
The pouch of fat that is above the cunt.
That girl seemed bloated and looked to put on a little weight, but it was just her funt sticking out.
by ExNWPers June 25, 2005
The kind of advertising executive who came up with the recent 'Do You Speak Micra?' campaign.
by Chechevitsa November 08, 2003
1.One who plays stupid pranks on unexpecting people and then shows it on TV.
2.A word for everything,like smurf.
1.Hey it's that damn Peter Funt guy, let's knock him over and still his hair.
2.OH funt, I funted another funt.
by StonerSmurf November 07, 2003
Something what lil kids say after they hear it from the fifth graders. See fax regina pegina pennsylvania ants and Alabama
Mommy: Billy it's sleepy time now, come to bed!

Billy: Fax you in the faxing funt you stupid faxing son of a beech fax your mother, fax your father, im gonna faxing kill your funt until you faxing die you stupid faxing funt!!!!

Mommy: Isn't he adorable?
by wtf March 08, 2005
a large belly leading into the cunt, ie, a fat cunt.
Eww, the guntis has a funt.
by grock February 19, 2005
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