Something what lil kids say after they hear it from the fifth graders. See fax regina pegina pennsylvania ants and Alabama
Mommy: Billy it's sleepy time now, come to bed!

Billy: Fax you in the faxing funt you stupid faxing son of a beech fax your mother, fax your father, im gonna faxing kill your funt until you faxing die you stupid faxing funt!!!!

Mommy: Isn't he adorable?
by wtf March 08, 2005
Top Definition

compound form of "fat" and "cunt". commonly used in place of "fucking cunt", funt is more appropriate when describing a "fat cunt" as the soft pronounciation is more suited to "fat" than "fucking".

The funt in question, be it person, animal, or inanimate object, must possess some "cuntish" qualities and meet an appropriate size level to justify the "fat" part of the noun. Therefore, a massively overweight person may be called a funt, based solely on the first impression of their massive girth, and not because of their personality. If somebody is indeed a "cunt" but does not meet the size requirements to be called fat, or at least tubby, then the term funt would be inappropriate. All in all, the emphasis of meaning in funt is on "fat" rather than "cunt".
"Omg, Michael is such a funt."

"That's a funt of a jumping castle!"

"Geez, any more funts at this Jenny Craig meeting and the building will collapse!"

"Careful, Celeste, you don't want to turn into a funt, do you?"

"Mum! Stacey called me a funt!"
by Timotheus December 14, 2005
A compact, polite version 'fucking cunt'.
Darin's wife. Ugh. What a funt.
by Brüster November 08, 2005
short for "fucking cunt"
what a funt my wife is huh mark?
by bob levy April 15, 2008
A substitute curse word for "fuck" and "cunt", used by the population of the fictional European city 'Download' in Britain's 2000 AD comic series "Sinister Dexter".

Variant terms: "smugfunt", "funtwipe".
"What the FUNT!?!"
"I look like a funtin' prat!"
by Robert Beech February 11, 2008
Funt - Fucking cunt.
Dude i hate that funt.
by Nikkkkiiii February 24, 2008
Plain and simply... Fuckin' Cunt!
Interchangable with Cunt, more offensive, yet less impactful.
by Mike Lowe July 09, 2003
A short way of saying someone is a funny (see you next tuesday).

Someone who is a jerk but is funny also.
You sure are a shady funt.
by discospeed March 21, 2012
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