Black Music:
In former days it was used as a bad word for describing the alleged black Americans odor. About the late 50ties black people in America adapted the word and turned it into something positive (like say did with other words as well like 'bad'). So it became an expression reserved for black people meaning their lifestyle and upcoming self-confidence. Especially in Jazz music at that time it was a new style/type of playing called funky (e.g. Horace Silver and Jimmy Smith) which found it's way in the 60ties into R'n'B music and led to the creation to Funk music in the late 60ties with protagonists like James Brown, the meters, sly and the family stone and the bar kays... Funk had it's peak between the early and midseventies, before Disco came as a kind of fake-funk. Funk also can be seen as predecessor for Disco and for contamporary musical styles like Hip Hop, Acid Jazz, Drum'n Bass, House, Big Beat and Crossover/Funkrock/Funkmetal. Which (exept the latter) all sample Funk Music.
James Brown: "It's got to be funky" and "Make it funky"
Lee Dorsey: "Everything I do gonna be funky from know on"
"James Brown's "the funky drummer" is one of the most sampled Funk songs"
by funkalot August 28, 2005
A style of popular dance music of US black origin, based on elements of blues, soul and maracas... but mostly maracas.
Ricky loves his funk! He would shake his maracas every where he go. He would shake them in the pharmacy, when playing touch, when he's with his rabbit, and especially in front of Shaz!
by Lolwatlol December 22, 2014
When a man's wife gives him anal, while one male friend provides a blow job and another male friend feeds him a hamburger. This is generally accomplished while the receiving male (called A FUNK) is standing, to make room for both his wife to come from behind with her strap on and one male friend to be on his needs giving head in front. The friend feeding the hamburger can be anywhere.
My wife is always hanging out with her gay friends. They try to convert me but Im straight. They said I should try a funk, itll turn me. It was a little painful at first, but the feeling of the blow job and the tasty burger took my mind off the gaping hole my ass was becoming.
by funcksoubrother December 06, 2013
1) Funk,

The intergalactic vibrations of groovy cats in tune with the mothership, revolutionizing human consciousness through grooves and jams that are typically psychedellic in nature.

2) Funk,

A stank stench - non-specific in origin but experienced quite specifically.

3) Funk,

Other definitions and bastardizations of the word are attributed to some serious jive talkin' turkeys not from the mothership.
1) That groovy cat Methastopholes can really bring da funk! When I hear his vibrations I'm teleported to Funk City in the most groovy way can ya' dig?

2) OMG WTF is that god awful funk coming out of the fridge, the garbage, your room, your ass...

3) What the funk is that... A jive talkin' turkey would say.
by G-Clint-Groove-Cat August 07, 2013
a greasy, gross, smelly, and/or slutty bitch. super raunch. has STDs. usually annoying. "funky" aroma. almost always flaunts their funk as if they're proub to be.
that bitch looks like a funk
by de-funker69 March 25, 2010
Urban slang for the drug GHB (Gamma hydroxy butyrate)
I did two caps of this Funk (GHB)... "I'm gonna be fucked up"
by jaxxon911 August 20, 2009
1. A musical characteristic acting as a catalyst for an esoteric reaction of the mind and body usually precipitating dancing or other physical expressions of rhythm.
2. A strain of marijuana with extremely high THC levels
3. Unique
4. A girl with a large and symmetrical booty
1. ""Funk ain't nothin' but a hyperventilatin' groovin'. That's all thathappens when you hold a single pattern, and suddenly you feel like God.All you done is breathe yourself into hyperventilation, and it feelgood."

- George Clinton
Musician Magazine, 1979

2. "Damn son I'm fucking zooted, that shit is the funk"

3. "Get that blunt out of my bag, its in that pocket right there, yeah that little funky shit"

4. "Baby got a trunk of funk" - Papa Chuk - trunk of funk

by philasophical April 11, 2009
1.Money Maker Shaker styles of music.

2.Something created by someone getting loose.

3.Problems between warring parties
1.Headhunters brought that funk.

2.Kiroe brought that funk.

3.That foo had funk with me, but then i kicked his ass.
by FunkyMcfunkbuster August 15, 2008
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