Black Music:
In former days it was used as a bad word for describing the alleged black Americans odor. About the late 50ties black people in America adapted the word and turned it into something positive (like say did with other words as well like 'bad'). So it became an expression reserved for black people meaning their lifestyle and upcoming self-confidence. Especially in Jazz music at that time it was a new style/type of playing called funky (e.g. Horace Silver and Jimmy Smith) which found it's way in the 60ties into R'n'B music and led to the creation to Funk music in the late 60ties with protagonists like James Brown, the meters, sly and the family stone and the bar kays... Funk had it's peak between the early and midseventies, before Disco came as a kind of fake-funk. Funk also can be seen as predecessor for Disco and for contamporary musical styles like Hip Hop, Acid Jazz, Drum'n Bass, House, Big Beat and Crossover/Funkrock/Funkmetal. Which (exept the latter) all sample Funk Music.
James Brown: "It's got to be funky" and "Make it funky"
Lee Dorsey: "Everything I do gonna be funky from know on"
"James Brown's "the funky drummer" is one of the most sampled Funk songs"
by funkalot August 28, 2005
The smell of sex.
Funk is that smell that's left over after sex.
#sex #funk #smells #funky #boobs
by Appledude24 August 27, 2008
Funk is a more basic, hard rhythmic version of soul music. It is a type of black music which becaame more popular in the late 60's.
Famous funk artists include James Brown, Bootsy Collins, Larry Graham, Janet Jackson, Prince and Sly Stone.
#soul #music #james brown #janet jackson #prince
by pinksequin December 15, 2005
1. A music style associated with the 70s that emphasizes the importance of a groove (and sometimes sensuality)

Funk musicians, especially the bass player, place notes between beats, but the first beat is always emphasized and returned to in the pocket. It is common for the electric guitar player to mute often in strumming patterns. Funk needs drum and bass to be funk. You can dance to funk, hence funk 1 is derived from funk 2.

2. Sweat (African American vernacular English). Often associated with sensual acts (e.g. dancing, mating), although now more obsolete than funk 3.

3. A foul odour. Possibly the result of funk 2.

4. Replacement for "fuck" in "fuck" expressions (e.g. funk you, funked up).
Rob: - What is "funk"?
Chris: - Check out "Bootsy's basic funk formula" on Youtube.
Rob: - Lame. Can't you just explain it?
Chris: - Nope, I just dance to it. You have to feel it to understand it.

Rebecca: What did you do tonight Rob? Where you out dancing?
Rob: Yeah, how did you know?
Rebecca: The funk's all over your t-shirt.

Hitch-hiker: Is that a corpse in your back trunk?
Stranger: No, that's just some prawns making funk.
Hitch-hiker: Seriously?
Stranger: Seriously.

Mom: - Fuck me!
Dad: - Honey, the kids are watching.
Mom: - Uh. Thank me. Thank me. That's what I said.
Kids not buying it: - That was definitely the f-word.
Mom: - Yeah... uhm.... you know: Funk me! Yes funk! We were just doing the funk. ... You know like James Brown.
Kids: Who's he?
Mom: ...
Dad: He's the sandman. Now back to bed kids.
Kid 1: I wanna be sandman when I grow up!
Kid 2: Mom, why was sandman in the kitchen yesterday?

Not to be confused with funk dance. That's how dance studios refer to the way people dance in music videos, like Britney Spears.
#groove #funky #70s #funky junk #sex
by funkfunkfunk December 21, 2009
A word describing any Noun such as a Person Place or thing as a negative. Ugly, distasteful, Unpleasant, fright, no beauty.
That gurl over there is Funks
#ugly #distasteful #unpleasant #fright #no beauty.
by KevinPat October 14, 2005
A groovy earthy vibe. Used mostly in music. Originally sourced from the intimate scent of a woman.
Lord, that's a funky groove!
#soul #scent #groove #parliament #bootsy
by Timbiwa2 September 11, 2009
(adj.) A combination of the words faded and drunk. It is often consequential after vaporizing and smoking alcohol, which is done by pumping a concentrated amount of air into a plastic bottle with vodka inside.
Toby: Dude, what do you want to do right now?
Kerry: Man, I want to get funked!
Toby: Start jerking out that crystal geyser!
#faded #drunk #angela #toby #kerry #funkt #funk #zac efron #funked #vaporizing #vapor
by Akt Tak August 22, 2013
Funk (2. smell): a. a usually objectionable musky odor emanating from human underarms and genitalia, especially in the male but to a lesser extent the female, resulting from glandular secretions and bodily functions. Infrequent washing and rapid bacterial growth intensify the odor. Cultural norms might result in certain individuals associating a funky smell with the sex act and thus lessening its objectionable. b. the smell and substance of smegma.
Henry, if you don't get upstairs right away and take a shower your funk is going to blow up my house!
#body odor #smell #smegma #hygiene #funky
by Prof. Nosler November 09, 2007
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