a lump on your finger from writing.
damn. ive got a funion from writing so much!
by blondygirl101 April 13, 2009
Top Definition
a fried, artificially onion-flavored ring which college students eat when they are stoned and have the munchies.
Hey man, the weed is all gone. Pass the funions.
by Bloody James Vane December 22, 2006
1.the short and easy form of "funny one"
2.dried onion rings. a yummy treat ^__^
1.wow! you are such a funion!! you kept me laughing for 30 minutes straight o.o
2.hey, do you think you could...um ..share those tasty funions?
by mini_paco December 04, 2004
The act of giving a footjob with feet that have large bunions. Fun with bunions.
"Hey Dave, the other day Sally gave me a cracking funion"
by funionz4lyf April 20, 2015
when you have a craving for something, but you dont know what it is
man, i got funions,
by djbenno August 05, 2008
A perfect ass nice enough to eat dinner off of. A fun onion.
Stacey has a perfect little funion.
by hughmonger October 30, 2003
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