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the short season between summer and fall when everything is perfect for everything. The morning air is crisp, evening breezes cool, the middays sunny but not too hot. The best foods are at their peaks, and children run around with peach juice running down happy faces. Not too cold to relax in the sun, not to hot to bake chocolate chip cookies. Memories of summer fun melt into anticipation of cozy rainy days curled up with a blanket and a good book.
The perfect fummer day is spent hiking through the woods picking and eating blackberries as you go.
by permaculturedreams September 02, 2010
Fun Summer
mannn.....that was such a fummer.....we had a blast!! WOO HOO
by lalafun June 14, 2010
Blowjob done by a fat girl
Damn that 300 pound land monster gives the best fummers.
by Power December 17, 2004
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