A fuhrman is a human, sea mammal, and/or extraterrestrial that takes the form of a string bean. It feeds primarily on sweet potatoes and has an unnatural love of trumpet players. Approach with caution.
That girl is a total fuhrman!! Too bad I play piccolo...
by Lebang October 11, 2007
Top Definition
Definition: an object, like a glove, dropped from a chairlift
Pronunciation: fərˈ-mən
Function: noun
Etymology: Ski culture - Inland NW, USA; derived from Mark Fuhrman the detective on the OJ Simpson case suspected of dropping a bloody glove at the crime scene.
At the end of the ski season after the snow melted, Willy hiked under the chair looking for fuhrmans.
by inlandnwlocal December 30, 2009
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