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A carr is not, as one may think, a misspelling of the word car. It is actually totally different and way better. A carr is a small woodland creature resembling keira knightley and natalie portman (since they are THE SAME). It is not highly intelligent, and it can be easily swayed into doing anything with one of the following: dark chocolate, strawberry-rhubarb pie, penn badgley, soap. Do not let appearances fool you, however; the carr is highly dangerous when agitated. FEAR IT!!
Hey man, look at that cute little carr over there! Wait, what...what's it...oh no...RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!
by Lebang October 11, 2007
A fuhrman is a human, sea mammal, and/or extraterrestrial that takes the form of a string bean. It feeds primarily on sweet potatoes and has an unnatural love of trumpet players. Approach with caution.
That girl is a total fuhrman!! Too bad I play piccolo...
by Lebang October 11, 2007

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