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common Low-German slang phrase

meaning: in a situation that is jovial or tense or anywhere in between, this phrase is used to show either literal or joking anger

meaning is quite similar to jokingly saying 'well, what the hell'
jovial: "so you forgot your cigar cutter?" ... "yeah" ... "well huh-nuh!"

tense: "so you've got herpes?" ... "yeah" ... "well huh-nuh, who'd you fuck?"
by benz1n0 June 17, 2006
term used to show disgust
"did you see the grill on kyle's mom!"
"oh fuh man! don't even tell me 'bout tha' shit!"
by benz1n0 June 21, 2006
coded term for cigarillo, be it CAO, swisher, or any other tasty tobacco treat
"Titties man, I could really go for a parsnip!"
by benz1n0 June 18, 2006

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