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Fake Uggs that look exactly the same as Uggs, but cost 100 dollars less. The best deal for those who are smart, and like to spend their money on food instead of 200 dollar shoes.
Thanks! They are the best Fuggs on the market!
by Lil Mannu Priss Bab Doll January 11, 2011
14 5
A slightly more appropriate word to use instead of f**k that is used when a teacher, parent, etc is around. Can be used in a variety of ways, such as with -ing on the end. Fugg is also an acceptable short form for fugly.
Guy #1: "You're so stupid!"
Guy #2(seeing a figure of authority walk by): "Shut the fugg up!"
by Laurel_Storm April 16, 2009
30 21
to hug and fuck at once
wanna fugg?, please fugg me., i want to fugg your cat.
by xanth900 September 04, 2009
34 28
The basic use of the word fuck...duh...wth ppl I can't believe no one got this one yet...lol...
"Fugg You Bitch!!!"
27 27
Fake Ugg boots, not real UGGs
Hey look at that girl's boots.
Are those Uggs?
No they are fuggs, I can tell by the way they look

Mom I got you Ugg boots for your birthday!
Those aren't real, those are fuggs.
Ok, they were 30 dollars LOL
by briannadiscordia January 01, 2008
20 21
Fucking ugly overpriced uggs.
Person 1: Wow, those are nice boots.
Person 2: Thanks

Person 3: No, your blind. Those are just Fuggs.
by CDX97 January 15, 2011
5 7
the alternant word for fuck.
i dont give a fug; i fugged your mother last night; your so fugging awesome.
by kyee_x July 25, 2010
5 10