A knock off of the original Ugg boots, "fuggs" or "fugglies" are worn by those of the lower class who can't afford to dish out an extra 100 on boots.
Anyone who owns Ugg boats can spot these knock off boots a mile away.
Sold anywhere from Wal-mart to American Eagle, these disgraceful boots are usually worn by unattractive red necks who think they look hot in them when really everyone is laughing when they walk by !
Beware: if you own a pair of "fuggs" your social life might as well be over with because no one wants to be friends with a girl who voluntarily walks with pride when she wears her "fuggs."
" gross, that girl over there is wearing fuggs"
" seriously, if you can't afford Uggs you don't deserve to be wearing fuggs"
by vmalss February 27, 2008
Top Definition
furry snow boots that are modeled after the orginal Ugg boots. aka FAKE UGGS!
Look at those fuggs, they're a horrible knock-off!
by ~Kaitlyn*$ November 07, 2004
A nicer way of saying Fuck, especially in front of children, parents, a boss, or anyone you would not normally want to swear in the presence of.
What the fugg is wrong with you?!
by PlaceboEffect June 09, 2005
the same concept, style and looks of the original ugg boot, but not made with real animal fur or skin. Some prefer these fake uggs to real uggs because of the lower price tag, while others, such as myself prefer these so called "fuggs" because they are not made from real sheepskin or fur, thus so making it possible for people to wear cozy boots, without having to wear an animal on their feet as well.
Grace: Are those fuggs? You mean you can't afford real uggs?

Stephanie: Yeah, they're fuggs, but i can afford the real uggs, i just love animals too much to wear them.
by tellitasitis007 August 08, 2008
Fake Ugg boots.
"Those aren't real."
"Yeah, well my fuggs cost much less than your real Uggs and look the same."
by hammylover March 27, 2009
a fake version of uggs
Stephinie got fuggs over the weekend...LOSER.
by Julian Brown January 08, 2008
Fake Uggs.

Contrary to popular belief, if someone's wearing Uggs/fuggs, it does not make them a slut/bitch/whore/loser/spoiled bratty conforming wannabe teenager/whatever else you've got as an insult, it means they like a pair of boots. What's the big deal?


~Unlike brand-name Uggs, you are able to wear fuggs in the snow without completely destroying them, which is a HUGE advantage, especially if you're Canadian.
~They are surprisingly warm. Again, great for Canadian winters.
~They don't cost a fortune. I'm sorry, I just can't justify paying $300 for a pair of boots that I will knock the soles out of in a season.

~Most of the better Fuggs do last for a while. I've had mine for two years, even though I usually destroy a pair of boots in 5-6 months.
~They're comfortable.

~You piss off lots of people when you wear them.

I don't give a rat's ass how people think they look, I like them. It's that simple.
Intelligent fugg-wearer: ...Shut the hell up.
by suaswm January 03, 2010
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