Someone who acts tough, but once separated from their crew and is singled out, backs down from any challenge
Tim Thomas: That Kenyon Martin is such a fugazy
by Sean Grady February 23, 2009
Johnny Depp uses this word in the 1997 film Donnie Brasco. But this word was not in the script. "Fugazy" was a name he saw on the side of a work van while on set. He liked the way Fugazi sound and decided to improvise the name into the movie. It is not real Italian or any type of Italian slang.
Fugazzi Plumbing / Fugazy HVAC
by NYBenjies1 May 24, 2009
up in the cl or lith it means fucking crazy or unreal commenly used when some one dose or says something riducules
jay dub was fugazy for stompin on the b
The story was so stupid we knew it was fugazy
by turtle power October 26, 2009
a gay homosexual, the act of licking a male anus
it is ok for the gay man to be a fugazy.
by mr guy April 25, 2008
A portmanteau formed from the words "f*cking" and "crazy" which means "f*cking crazy".
"...and you fugazy if you think I'ma admit wrong /
I'll cripple any hypocritic critic I'm sicked on..."
Eminem, "Fight Music"
by insignis April 15, 2005

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