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A word that means 'fake' in Italian slang and has been mistaken for the military acronym 'fubar' (fucked up beyond all recognition) by kids who like a punk band.
person A: I like punk and gave a fugazi definition for fugazi.

person B: Fubar.
by plastichistory June 27, 2011
A turd that is hard to push out in the begining but suddenly becomes a long easy length, how one would imagine giving birth to a dragon with a large baby head and a long slender tail (even better if you were eating spicy food for a burn effect). se also genius birth.
I was worried that I was constipated, but it turned out to be a baby dragon.
by plastichistory June 24, 2011
When you poop and its kind of hard to get out in the begining but then gets really easy suddenly; like one would imagine the experience of giving birth to Einstein to be (only...out of your butt).
I had to push hard in the begining but it turned out to be a genius birth.
by plastichistory June 24, 2011

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