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A Japanese term for (often evil) laughter. It is often used in manga or manga-styled scenes in anime when someone is deviously plotting something. It is mostly humorous.
And then, I'll put a tack on his chair! Fufufu...

Japanese: kukuku
English/French: hahaha
Spanish: jajaja
Korean: kekeke
Chinese: hehehe
German: hihihi
by Ebullient_Emily February 15, 2008
Manical laughter. Used in place of "Mwahahahahahaha" and "Bwahahahaha" and "Gwahahaha" and "Fwahahaha" and all those other "hahaha"s in an attempt to be original.

Also the laughter used by the ninjas in the Pokemon games.
"Fufufufufufufufufufu...I'm evil. >=D"
"You're not evil when you =D"
"No, see...the eyebrows fix it! >=D"
by Flower April 17, 2004
a word shown in manga showing a chuckle
"fu fu fu, what kind of pathetic trinket is this?!"
by MR RUSSIA March 24, 2005
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