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a word for a party to get started
lets raise the fufu up in this house
by homeslice C December 06, 2004
3 48
fancy and high-class. Also, frilly or snobish
Sally lives in a very fufu neighborhood
by Carl February 16, 2003
264 187
Less offensive description of vagina. From Latin word fufuris, meaning 'split'
She had to have work done at the gynecologist on her fu-fu.
by Lori October 08, 2003
190 115
a word used in place of the female fanny(Austalia. n.z meening.
it is a casual word..not so vulgar, it is not a swear word or a word to be offended by..simply the word is used amongst females when chatting.
" fufu is itchy??"
by mad_i June 21, 2005
236 183
Part of speach: noun

Definition: A fu-fu (fufu) is a smug, stuck-up progressive, usually a man with a feminine side. Many of them are from a wealthy class and can be found in high rent urban areas with a liberal lifestyle (ie San Francisco, New York).

Fufu can also be used to describe a man’s selection in clothes, drinks, cars, etc.
HaaaHaaaHaa, look at the fu-fu driving around in the teal color "Smart" car.
by Bay Area Tool May 13, 2011
40 23
a samoan word for masturbating
i like to fufu
by supersole March 21, 2010
111 106
A fucking dufus; when dufus alone is just not enough
The twat I work with is a fufus that needs to be bitch slapped.
by J & D September 19, 2006
30 26
Female hygiene products such as, shampoo, body sprays, perfume, body oil, and body powders.
For example. I need to go get my fufu stuff at Bath and Body.
by Boss Lady Sarah March 14, 2014
2 0