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The way my babygirl makes me feel inside when she's in my arms.

The way someone makes you feel like when they mean the world to you and you mean the world back.

Fuckin Fluffy
1)Me: Jaime makes me feel so fuffly.

2)"Babygirl,when you're in my arms,I feel so fuffly inside"
#fluffy #happy #loved #ffufly #peaceful #luckiest person ever
by Okami-kun^_~ March 30, 2009
A combination of two words that means Fuckin fluffy
Hunter: Hey! Did u see that guys pomeranian?

Jaime: Yeah, it was fuffly!
#fluffy #fuzzy #soft #velvet #furry
by Nara-chan ^_~ January 20, 2009
A word to describe a complete twat who says that they will do something but will then forget. A word to describe a fridget lesbien who calls their so called best mates mean names and then acts like there opinions are very important and nessasary to hear. A word to describe someone who acts like they are very cool when they actually need to grow up and get a guy.
'Im a Fuffly and say my opinions about people to their faces because I think thats what they want to hear when actaully it just offends them and makes them angry'
#fluff #fluffly #fuffly #lesbien #gay
by Angry Person Who Hates All April 13, 2009
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