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Pajamas. Can also describe other extremely comfortable clothing.
It's time to put on my fudgies; I can't wait for bed.
by tnegaterces February 08, 2010
16 1
A way to describe gentlemen who prefer the company of another man's fudge factory.
Wow Jason is such a fudgies dream! He would travel all the way to Venus to get more penis. He loves to pound man hole.
by FlyTye March 12, 2014
1 0
something thick and chocolatey
After she was blaked all they could find was her fudgy popsicle stick.
by marm August 10, 2005
10 9
A substitute name for the curse word fuck.
"Oh fudgies, I forgot my purse!"
by EmB.♥ August 16, 2009
0 9