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soft core word for f***ed
ahh s*** my sound system is fudged
by ima c nilelady July 16, 2008
A white lie, evading the whole truth.
I answered her question, but I fudged a little.
by starbaby November 08, 2006
when you forget to save someone a drag of a cigarette, once they asked.
oh no, you fudged that cigarette!
by Meghan Lanteigne September 26, 2005
A Big Fat Liar.
Jimmy fudged, Tonya didn't fudged in his mouth.
by Lisa July 30, 2003
When a girl shits in a guys mouth and he licks her ass clean while the shit is in his mouth.
Tonya fudged Jimmy last night and today his mouth smells.
by xlmafia March 11, 2003