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chocolatey goodness with fudge
debbie cakes make this delightful treat ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm called fudge round
by grason March 27, 2007
when a group of guys pull their pants down, asses facing out, and a girl, usually a slut, eats all their asshole, therefore "making the rounds"
camara brought the ugly girl from myspace to the barn to give us all fudge rounds on 4th of july
by Matt from the block September 17, 2006
its the black ring around some peoples ass holes
after i see this i would not eat fudgerounds
by n town March 18, 2008
When a girl has huge dark areolas. Areola is the area around the nipple.
That bitch has some fudge rounds!!
by ...!!!!!....!!!!!!.... August 11, 2007
When engaged in anal sex, a female loses control of her bowels, leaving a circular imprint around the base of the male's genitalia. Lovingly referred to as a "fudge round."
Did you hear Teri left a nasty fudge round on Jay last night?
by Paul Rand November 25, 2007

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