Idiot (generally male) that makes suggestions or comments without first considering the feeling of others.
Don't tell me that now you Fuckwit!
by BadBoyfriend3010 June 24, 2014
someone who does something stupid
you are such a fuckwit for crashing the car
by baldy the great February 05, 2006
Noun: a person who is ridiculously idiotic. 1. super obnoxious 2. dumb as fuck 3. fucking dumb ass etc.
"Goddamn you Justin Bieber, you're such a fuckwit for having that type of hair."

"Did you see JC last night? He is such a fuckwit to think he could get that girls number."
by That-crazy-chick-every1-knows October 27, 2013
A popular character in VIZ who would have made great entries to this site. "Yark, Yark, Thora Hurd"
Hi, I'm Terry Fuck Wit. Otherwise known as Tony Blair.
by jadio u no August 14, 2003
Fuckwit is a man without the intelligence to deduce what his penis is for.
Chris of Leeds, you are quite simply a fuckwit
by destiny god February 04, 2015
The editors of this website.
What a bunch of fuckwits.
by Big Bushy Beards December 27, 2013
A person that acts like an idiot. Often dresses like one too.
My friend always acts like a dick, and tries to dress like Ricky Fowler. We call him a fuckwit.
by Rzitup June 07, 2014

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