British slang for a dumbass jackoff.
Blimey, you've cracked the windscreen on me lorry, fuckwits!
by Sprocket the Dog October 26, 2003
A person of demonstrably low intelligence, as exemplified by actions, statements, or beliefs.
Thanks to that fuckwit in the oval office, my grandkids are going to spend generations paying down the bill for this war.
#vulgar #disparaging #intelligence #adjective #insult
by adnama January 15, 2008
A person who professes superior self knowledge but really has only a limited and/or skewed grasp of any subject. These people often float from the bottom of the turd bowl in the form of a middle manager. Fuck-wit detection is fairly easy after about 30 seconds of conversation.
Me: "The problem is the third party vendor for product A, they are recalling their product from this particulat LOT"
Fuck-wit: "Well we are not buying from product A any more"
Me: "Um, well it is not their fault, their vendor is recalling the component"
Fuck-wit, "I can't understand the bad business practices of Product A that they would buy bad components"
Me: "Um, they did not buy bad components on purpose, that is why they are replacing the component for free"
#manager #middle-manager #ass-clown #clueless #biotch
by capngrumpy November 07, 2005
Someone possesed of a mind so dulled by years of abuse that they not only delete their entire mobile phone address book but they also neglect to make any kind of backup. Can sometimes be seen walking along the beach shouting egg loudly.
What does this button do?
Oh Fuck
by Seg December 22, 2003
a person with mental capabilities about 0.1% the power of a halfwit.
"If I wasn't suck a fuckwit, I could do percentages and shit"
#retard #spanner #idiot #halfwit #tit
by Tolle Lege February 11, 2012
one who has the demener of a fuck who's wit is that of a fuck!!
someone who is of a simple mind set. A fuck wit.
#half wit #simple #fuck wit #swab the deck #sausages
by atlascassidy August 02, 2008
A person of belligerently low intelligence, often this can manifest itself as religious conviction. In the very worse cases this can become creationism, they continue to believe the nonsense regardless of the bizarreness of the theology and huge amounts of evidence to the contrary, this is willing, sought after idiocy, raised up and praised as faith.
Dogs were domesticated shortly after the creation of the universe. You sir, are a fuckwit.
#creationism #religious #theology #evidence #idiocy
by Thebornoffire December 27, 2013
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