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Where something has happened - badly - that wasn't expected, in the least! Where something turned out the wrong way.
So there we were, watching the Commons debate on Trident when someone came in with some ching and the whole thing fucktated into a pile of nonsense!


I went on a blind with one of Maria's pals at work. I tried the hand on her and found out she was a tranny, and the evening just fucktated before my very eyes.
#changed #mutated #fucked #awful #unexpected #disaster
by skirtlifter April 17, 2007
1. An adjective meaning something that is both fucked up and twisted.

2. An idea or action that is perverted, warped, mixed up or even sick.
1. "Jeffrey Dahmer used to kill animals as a kid, and then stick their heads on stakes in his yard. That's some pretty fucktated shit."

2. The Nazis had some fucktated ideas about race and stuff.
#fucked up #screwed up #messed up #mixed up #fucked #twisted #sick #perverted #warped
by Bikeboy December 13, 2006
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