A fucktard contest is usually between a bunch of mucho males to prove who will go to the futhest lengths to humiliate themselves usually whilst drunk!
Matt:I'm sorry i didn't mean to spill beer all down your top!
Rachel:You must be the king of the fucktard contest *storms off*
by Beth_pwned_the_rock_show May 10, 2007
Top Definition
An alternative, and very cynical, name for election day.
I'm going down to the polls on Tuesday to vote in the fucktard contest.
by Led Zeppole November 08, 2003
A test held each year to see who is the most retarded contestant of all. The winners of this year are sony roolz and Mac User.
I went to the fucktard contest today... I laughed my fucking ass off!
by Assholes Inc. September 18, 2003
Formally referred to in business as a group of people who participate in a "committee". The "committee" is usually formed by someone who appears to be in charge, but is incapable of making a decision on his own.
Since there is more than one opinion, then we should have a "committee" fucktard contest to make an intelligent decision on the matter. Do I have any other volunteers fucktards who wish to join this "committee"fucktard contest?

Me: I vote that Dick be the head that committee.
Boss: Great idea! Do I have a second?
Chris: Yes, I second that Dick is the perfect candidate for that position on the committee.
Dick: I'll do my best to be the best head of committees that this department has ever seen.
by PeeOn December 12, 2007
A competition to see who can be the most fucktarded.
Dave was headbutting the fridge to win the fucktardcontest.

The X factor is a fucktardcontest
by Dave the man June 30, 2008
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