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Vanity or being vain is when you think highly of yourself especially ones appearance (being very proud of yourself to a point of arrogance)...self love...conceited...being confident is one thing...being vain is another!
My bf blowaves his hair,then straightens it then adds products,spends more time in the bathroom than me,then struts around thinking his god gift to woman!

"Luke is so vain"
by Beth_pwned_the_rock_show May 08, 2007
A fucktard contest is usually between a bunch of mucho males to prove who will go to the futhest lengths to humiliate themselves usually whilst drunk!
Matt:I'm sorry i didn't mean to spill beer all down your top!
Rachel:You must be the king of the fucktard contest *storms off*
by Beth_pwned_the_rock_show May 10, 2007

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