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That time when the night is coming to an end, when girls have had enough of dancing with their friends and realise that if they don't find someone now, they're not going to get laid tonight.

The time varies from city to city, depending on how late your bars are open, but generally between midnight and 2am. During this time, girls are more open to the idea of doing bad things with you and more likely to go home with you
Johnny was sad because he hadn't met a girl that night, but then realised it was fuckrush and quickly found himself one to take home.
by Ross 'Dex' Currie October 06, 2009
Used to describe a quick humping action, usually directed towards the anal area.
1. Dude, give me back my remote or I'll fuck rush you.

2. I just got fuck rushed by Jack.

3. Jack fuck rush's.

4. Jack is a fuck rusher.

5. Jack fuck rushed Linda.
by EC February 05, 2005
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